We will build NFT collection for every member of our community. Join and get chance to win $100.000

Every Wise Lion holder has a lifetime support. You don't have to be an expert at NFTs to launch an NFT project. Our team is here to create art, website, social media and everything necessary for a successful NFT project. We have live events, educational videos, private online meetings for our members. All you need to do is to be part of Wise Loan!


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We are more than just an NFT Community

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Our team is specialized in all aspects of the NFT world such as creating art (2D,3D, pixel, animated), building a professional website, having a strong social media, marketing, building a roadmap and much more.
We will take care of everything, all you have to do is tell us what your idea is and how you would like your art to look. Still too difficult? We can even provide advice and feedback on your project idea. We have generated many unique ideas for our members in case they don’t know where to start. You always have our support from the moment you are Wise Lion member.

The Road map.

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Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Social Media is the Key to Success in the NFT World.

You can contact us on our public social media accounts. We also have private accounts for our members only


Twitter Official


For members Only

- 01 STEP

Join the Wise Lion

Own our limited (1000) edition NFT to be part of our community.

- 02 STEP

Talk to us

Book a 1:1 zoom call and we will discuss about your upcoming NFT project , get all your ideas and start building..​

- 03 STEP

Private rewards

Join to our private giveaways, live events, educational videos and much more. You will get a chance to win money and learn a lot about NFTs. (We have grand prize of $100,000)

- 04 STEP

Take Over

Once we are done creating your art, building your website, social media and educating you on how to succeed - you can start to take over your project and take it to success. We are still with you in every step. As long as you hold your Wise Lion NFT, you are part of the community and you will always get support.


Make The First Step.

Go to our OFFICAL OPENSEA and get your Wise Lion to be a part of our community. You will be able to access everything we offer by owning and holding our NFT.

We continuously add value to our members and you will never be required to pay to access any of it.


Question & Answer.

Learn about new features from frequently asked question.

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You will receive a design, website, animated videos and social media accounts for your NFT project in about two weeks. Your project is unique and we will make sure to keep it that way. Depending on the special needs of a project, there may be up to one week delay.

That’s perfectly fine! We provide ideas to people who are new in the NFT space all the time. We wil brainstorm with you on Zoom Call 1:1 and help you have your own unique project.

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All you need to do to join the giveaway is to be member of our community. One member will be selected randomly and will win $100,000. We’ll have many more giveaways private to members as well.

You can contact us at any social platform you would like. We are extremely active on every platform we are in. Once you are a member, you will also receive our private number.


Book a Zoom Call

We are looking forward to speak to you. Book a convenient time for you and our experts will guide you on your next step.

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